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Cleaning:$0.75 per sq ft

Grout Sealant: $0.30 per sq ft*

Grout Coloring: $0.66 per sq ft*

200 sq ft minimum without other services

*Cleaning is recommended in order to remove grease, dirt and kill bacteria which would otherwise be trapped or prevent sealant from taking hold.

Clean tiles can make a real difference in your home and dirty grout can make your formerly elegant room, bathroom and/or kitchen look unclean. Regular cleaning, such as mopping, only removes a portion of dirt and debris that accumulates over time on the grout and tiles.


Grout is extremely porous and sealant slows staining, helps cleaning and prevents unnecessary repair costs.

Stains: With the grout pores blocked, grout becomes much less absorbent. This means that if a liquid is spilled on the grout, it will not immediately soak into the grout or seep into the edges of the tile. This gives homeowners extra time to clean the spill, and even more importantly, keeps the grout from becoming discolored. Likewise, some grouts stain over time because of age and exposure to light: sealant helps grout retain its original color. We recommend sealing grout every 1-3 years depending on the exposure to activity.

 Sealed grout is much easier to clean than unsealed grout. Sealed grout keeps dirt and liquid on the surface, which can be wiped away more easily. Not only will there be fewer stains with sealed grout lines, but the stains will be easier to take care of.

Unsealed grout tends to wear away more quickly than sealed grout. This means that the grout will crack or disintegrate more quickly. Homeowners will need to gouge it out and replace it more often than sealed grout, leading to higher maintenance costs in the long term.

Grout Staining is the re-coloring of existing grout. Grout Staining offers many benefits including maximizing protection and beauty while minimizing maintenance. Additionally, grout staining gives home or business owners the option of changing the grout to either a lighter or darker color. If done right, grout staining can increase property values by giving a clean, updated look to the tile installation for many years to come.


  • Your old grout has become so soiled and discolored that it can’t be cleaned
  • Color of the grout is out-dated or a mismatched color
  • The re-coloring process provides an excellent seal, which guards against further discoloration

Now that your tile is clean and renewed, it's time to get back to hosting dinners, cocktail parties or inviting your best friend for coffee and donuts. If for some reason you want to invite the amazing folks at 
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Tile & GrOut


Shook Carpet Cleaningfirst uses a special grout cleaning solution that is left on for approximately 10 minutes in order to reach deep, down into the porous grout. The grout is then agitated in order to free the dirt and grime.  Finally, a truck mounted machine is used to deliver up to 1,000 psi and over 200 degrees farhenheit of steam to ensure grime is destroyed and dirt removed. Tile and grout cleaning is the most inexpensive way to restore the look of your tile without replacing them therefore increasing their longevity. As years of dirt and build-up are removed, your tile will look refreshed.  Understand, however, that this does not guarantee the appearance of "new" tile and grout depending on the stain (grease, paint, dyes, length of wear and tear, etc).  It is recommended tile and grout be cleaned once every 12 months.