With the news about the threat of COVID-19, formally known as the novel coronavirus, the severity of the situation is not lost upon us as our number-one priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers, family and friends.
With that said, do not hesitate to contact Shook Carpet Cleaning to schedule a cleaning HERE's WHY..........
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Because we believe in honesty, integrity and quality.  When cleaning is complete, the smile on your face is the ultimate reward.

Some people like servicing others.

We love it!

Unlike other operations, we do not believe in the bait 'n' switch technique by advertising low prices in order to charge higher prices when in your home.  We offer a number of carpet cleaning packages so you can make the decision.

Why Shook Carpet Cleaning?


Shook Carpet Cleaningwill re-fresh and revive your furniture by using the best available cleaning products to enhance the life of your upholstery and control ailments like allergies and asthma in your family.

Tile & Grout

With use of our specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment, Shook Carpet Cleaning will remove the dirt and grime from your tile & grout, increasing its longevity and renewing its original look.

Carpet Cleaning

By the use of hot water extraction, Shook Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful truck mounted vacuum that effectively eliminates soil from the bottom of the carpet fibers, where dirt and other materials build up.

Service Hours: 

Residential: 7 - 9 Mon - Sat

Commercial: 24 hrs. by appt.​

(832) 449-6877


With some TLC, Shook Carpet Cleaning,  will give new life to your mattress allowing you to enjoy restful nights longer while saving you money. 

​​Office Hours:

8 - 6 Mon - Fri

8-12 Sat

Serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas

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