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​​By the use of a hot water extraction method,  Shook Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful truck mounted vacuum that effectively removes dirt and grime from the carpet fibers.  First we pre-treat your carpet with our proprietary cleaning solution in order to effectively break down the dirt and grime. Then we extract the pre-treated dirt from your carpet with hot steam, killing any bacteria or dust mites making sure any soapy residue that attracts dirt is not left behind.  When your carpet dries (4-8 hours depending on the condition, wheather and type of carpet), it will feel soft and look clean. Light traffic is ok so do not hesitate to entertain within the same night (just invite the staff of Shook Carpet Cleaning)!

​Your home’s coziness and elegance will once again be restored and you can love the soft feel of carpet on your bare feet. Clean, fresh carpets are the foundation to a healthy home and the family room will be the freshest playground around, ready for those family movie nights.  Besides, who doesn't love those crisp lines when complete?​

  • ​​Area*: $38  Includes pre-treatment and hot, steam extraction.
  • Ultimate Carpet Cleaning: $25 per area. Provides a deeper clean in addition to the pre-treatment. Click here for more info.
  • Carpet Protector: $25 per area. Improves resistance to dirt, spills and wear and tear.
  • Urine / Odor Treatment:  $30 per area. Neutralizes and removes odors.
  • Freshener: $5 per area. Adds great scent when holding events close to cleaning time.
  • Specialty Stain: $10 per stain (3" diameter) a stain that is not removed during standard cleaning process because of its chemical properties (i.e. petroleum, organic or synthetic) require special methods of removal.

*​One area: Bedroom, Stairs, Large Hallway, Master Closet. Combination area (i.e. living/dining, game room/hall, master bedroom with den, etc.) is considered 2 areas.