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Per Area*: $38

What's included?

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Pre-Pretreatment
  • Hot, Steam Extraction
  • Post-Inspection

*large combo rooms (i.e. living/dining, room/hall, master with den, etc.) considered 2 areas.

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-Carpet Protector: $25 per area. Improves resistance to dirt, spills and wear and tear.

-Odor Treatment:  $25 per area. Neutralizes and removes odors.

-Freshener: $5 per area. Adds great scent when holding events close to cleaning time.

-Specialty Stain: $10 per stain (3" diameter) that is not removed during standard cleaning process (petroleum, organic or synthetic).

By the use of a hot water extraction method, Shook Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful truck mounted vacuum that effectively eliminates soil from the bottom of the carpet fibers, where dirt and other materials build up.  We inject hot water and our proprietary cleaning solution into your carpet that will not soil up fast like other methods that leave behind soapy residue that attracts dirt. Then our magic wand loosens and lifts the dirt from the carpet, without the abrasive brushing of other cleaning methods. As a result, drying time is fast since 95% of the moisture is suctioned out of the carpet, therefore no leftover soapy residue. Your carpet will be left dry, soft, and clean in as little as 2 hours (more depending on the condition and type of carpet). Light traffic is ok so do not hesitate to entertain within the same night (just invite the staff of Shook Carpet Cleaning)!