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-Carpet Protector: $25 per area. Improves resistance to dirt, spills and wear and tear.

-Odor Treatment:  $25 per area. Neutralizes and removes odors.

-Freshener: $5 per area. Adds great scent when holding events close to cleaning time.

-Specialty Stain: $10 per stain (3" diameter) that is not removed during standard cleaning process (petroleum, organic or synthetic).

     Your home’s coziness and elegance will once again be restored and you can love the soft feel of carpet on your bare feet. Clean, fresh carpets are the foundation to a healthy home and the family room will be the freshest playground around, ready for those family movie nights.  Besides, who doesn't love those crisp lines when complete?

NOTE: When calling directly from the website, you will receive a call from CA. Answer then press "1" which will connect you to Shook Carpet Cleaning.

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(832) 449-6877

Per Area*: $38

What's included?

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Pre-Pretreatment
  • Hot, Steam Extraction
  • Post-Inspection