Ulitimate Carpet Cleaning

Step 2:

Then we steam clean your carpet which will break down the dirt more and release embedded grease and foot traffic.

Say goodbye to the dirt and grime!

Step 1:

After letting the pre-treatment sit on the carpet in order to breakdown the dirt and grime, we will use our CRB to ​open up the pile and increase wicking which releases more dirt than the standard cleaning.

This will also help pick up any dirt your vacuum missed.

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Ultimate carpet cleaning is an add-on service to regular carpet cleaning where we use a counter rotating brush (CRB) which opens up the pile to release more soil for a deeper cleaning. This plus pre-treament and steam cleaning leaves for a more thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Ultimate Cleaning:

  1. Removes more dirt
  2. Great for allergies. 
  3. Blends the wear and tear of high traffic areas.
  4. Better job eliminating trapped pollutants.
  5. Thorough job of clearing out dust mites.

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