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A lot of people ask us where the name "Shook" came from?

Welllllllll.......in a galaxy far, far away, when founders  Joe and Taylor first dated, they were watching a TV show about celebrity couples and wondered what their celebrity couple nickname would be. With Joe's last name being Saad and Taylor's maiden name being Hook, the discussion went down like this:

Joe: What should our celebrity name be?

Ta​ylor: "What do you think of Haad?"

Joe: "No. Doesn't really roll off the tongue so well."

Taylor: "Hmmmmm.... how about Sook?"

Joe: "No. Sounds like chimney ash."

Taylor: "I know! Shaad?"

Joe: "HECK NO!" (Take a few minutes to think about it. lol.)

Taylor: "Ok then. Well...... What do you think of ​Shook?

Joe: ....... PERFECT!

Taylor: "RIGHT?!?!"  (Notice how Tay got 4 of the 5 letters?)

So from that point forward, they referred to themselves as "Team Shook". Taylor even bought a sign for their apartment called the "Shook Nook".

Fast forward.....​​ Shook Carpet Cleaning was born.